Bio of Karen Maria Capo


Karen Maria Capo - Vocalist/Songwriter - began her career on Broadway at the age of 11 in the musical DUDE by the authors of HAIR. She performed in various plays and cabarets until she completed her studies at the prestigious School of Performing Arts in New York.

A life of travelling the world and performing has brought her to the Pacific Northwest, where she has enjoyed performing in musicals, cabarets and concerts for the last 13 years, sharing the stage with many of Portland's world-class Jazz & Blues musicians, as well as frequently being invited to perform at venues in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City & Vancouver, BC.

What she cares about is having an emotional impact on her audience, either eliciting laughter at a bawdy classic such as "You've Got The Right Key, But The Wrong Keyhole" or creating a wistful mood with Torch songs like The Nearness Of You and My Funny Valentine.

While continuing to perform live, she is hard at work on a Musical Comedy entitled “B Flat” and getting ready to record her next CD.  Any requests?