Reviews of Karen Maria Capo


“That Karen Maria Capo can SING is obvious in her first few notes. Her vocal prowess is evident ... and that, combined with her obvious passion and engaging personality, makes her an artist worth listening to!” 

- Karen Lovely, 2016 Blues Music Award nominee for "Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year"


“Ms. Capo's voice is Vibrant, Sexy and Sassy. She takes each song to a higher level. She has the true ability to make each song her own and is so enjoyable to hear and experience that she brings Joy to the heart.”   

- LaRhonda Steele, Portland's First Lady of the Blues 


“Karen Maria Capo hands each word to her audience one by one. Her voice is pure joy, yet she's able to pull out any reaction she wants from listeners, toying and playing with her delivery. I find myself sitting on the edge of my chair, anticipating her next note, word or phrase. My favorite singers are those who feel what they sing and are able to transfer that emotion to the listeners.”

- Ben Rice


“Karen Maria Capo is one of the most fun and vivacious singers I've ever had the pleasure to work with! Her songs always leave the audience impressed with her voice and blushing from her lyrics!”

- Jason JT Thomas, currently touring with Lisa Mann


“Karen Maria Capo is a wonderful vocalist and on top of all that, she's a consummate performer!! What a superb addition to the Portland Blues scene!”

- Robbie Laws


“Karen Maria Capo is a fine singer with a passion for performing!”

- Kevin Selfe


“Karen Maria Capo is an excellent singer. I have worked with her off and on for years and I always enjoy her take on the blues. She has a deep understanding of the grit required to perform this music, and the life experience to back it up. Also, she is nasty as shit and I dig it!”

- Dave Fleschner


“Karen Maria brings a wealth of passion and energy to her music!”

- Dover Weinberg, currently touring with the Robert Cray Band


“Karen Maria Capo is an incredible vocalist who never fails to deliver. Whether she's performing as a duo or leading a big band you can expect her to engage the crowd with danceable tunes. I've enjoyed her playing a range of Jazz & Blues standards AND fun interpretations of more recent music.”

- Ted Maddry, Friday Night Blues, San Francisco


“Karen Maria Capo is the consummate vocalist! She is a charismatic, versatile and energetic jazz vocalist whose performances are marked by an soulful blend of the American songbook of jazz standards and her sassy rendition of the blues. Her extroverted stage presence is electric and reveals her mastery over her craft and captive audience. Karen Maria Capo is an artist who has to be seen in person!”

- Ron Steen


“There are singers and there are entertainers. Every now and again you get that rare person who is both. Let me tell you how I first encountered Karen Maria. A jazz band was playing in my club and I was working in my office. Thirty minutes into their set, I heard this incredible voice and was drawn to the stage. I was enraptured by her voice alone, but when I saw the way she commanded the attention of the audience, I grabbed a seat at the bar and watched the rest of her set. Karen Maria skillfully led that audience through an array of emotions and made me into a lifelong fan. See her on stage and you will be too.”

- Tony Starlight, owner of Tony Starlight’s Supperclub & Lounge